If knowledge is power, then searching for the information that you need to answer your very specific question is empowering.
~ Maggie Hos-McGrane

Article: Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways to Get Inquiry Into Learning

ProDivas! -great blog filled with teaching ideas, resources and freebies for Inquiry in your classroom

What Do You Observe? Have you got some window gazers in your class?
Try making looking out the window purposeful like this:

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Math Inquiry:
EnquiryBased Maths Graeme Anshaw is an Australian teaching at an IB school in Switzerland. His outstanding blog is filled with great examples for teaching math through inquiry in a PYP school (images show great examples of what he does but may be blocked at school)

Enquiry-Based Maths Weebly created for his class, this Weebly has Graeme's great lesson plans for measuring time and for chance and probability. His Mathematics-focused inquiry units have their own central ideas but also connect to the transdisciplinary units of inquiry his students are investigating.

Inquiry Maths inquiry lessons for math include strategies to use in your classroom

Social Studies Inquiry:
NPR: Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: The World Behind a Simple Shirt in 5 Chapters This is a great way for students to inquiry into the components of the global economy.

An Inquiry into single use grocery bags:lesson plan using the Inquiry Cycle

How to make students better online researchers

Great video explaining the characteristics and benefits of Inquiry Based Learning:

Featured blogs:
Kath.jpg Kath Murdoch's Blog articles and resources from her workshops on using inquiry in the classroom

What Ed Said Great source for ideas to use in the classroom

InquireOutLoud.pngInquire Out Loud Blog with practical tips and articles on inquiry

Makerspace Resources Description and examples of the Makerspace Movement in education and resources for Makerspaces

Inquiry Cycle Posters
2012-08-22 14-08-21_InquiryCyclePoster - Microsoft Word.jpg
Big6_Inquiry.jpgFind it here The Librarian Edge

Inquiry Steps with leading questions

Resources from Detroit Inquiry workshop (Nov. 2011)

Other Inquiry blogs and wikis:

Bart Miller's Independent Inquiry wiki

Genius Hour read about this Inquiry idea, then go to the Genius Hour wiki to learn more.

Dare to Care by blogger, K-8 teacher and "Chief Learner", Diane Krebs

Inquire Within

Inquirers Forever

Units of Inquiry Links ~ Links to use with students. Don't miss the grade 5 links for government, transportation and exhibition or the Encyclopedia link on the left

Overseas School resources for teachers

TCIS PYP Curriculum Unit resources for teachers PreK - 5, plus Special Areas, ESL and ICT

Primary Resources all subject areas, including languages

PYP Threads good collection of sites and blogs